Midweek Thoughts

We’re halfway through our visit with the awesome people of New Day in Santa Rosa, California.  I get to give the talk this Sunday and then we will fly back to Oregon on Monday. I’m pretty wiped today but here’s some quick thoughts…

  • It’s nice to see the sun again.
  • Santa Rosa is beautiful.  Real green right now (Spring time) with a bunch of trees & a variety of plants.
  • New Day meets in a community center each week. It reminds us of Spring of Life’s early days when we were serving there meeting in a school auditorium.
  • Every meeting with the people has been awesome but very deep conversations make things emotionally and mentally exhausting.
  • Murphy Beds are cool!
  • Today is a much needed day to rest, reflect, and pray. Heather and I are praying more than ever before.
  • Judah and I are going swimming today.
  • Vince and Nancy are so awesome and generous.  We are so thankful to them this week.
  • Everywhere we go, Judah prays before we get out, “Please help there be kids!  Please help there be kids!”
  • There’s 2 Trader Joe’s here. (Heather is smiling)
  • There are so many things a church can do when they’re not tied down by a building…think of the possibilities.
  • A lot of Ron Paul fans around here.  Signs are everywhere. (That’s for Ian).
  • I love building teams of community.  The board at New Day seem like awesome men of God that are ready to change the world.
  • I can’t wait to give the talk this weekend.

~ by darthpastor on April 2, 2008.

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