Idaho and Back Again

We just returned from a week in Idaho with Heather’s family.  It was a great visit and we love making it out there.

Some highlights…

  • Watching Judah and Grandma from the kitchen window water the rose plant in the back yard.  Then slowly Judah inches the hose closer to grandma until she jumps cause he sprayed her and she grabs the hose from him laughing.
  • Going form snow on the ground Tuesday morning to 72 degrees Saturday.
  • Grandpa taking us to Haggerman Hot Springs, watching Judah jump off of the high dive.
  • Seeing Great Grandma DeNaughel at her place.
  • The whole DeNaughel clan at the house.  Great to spend time with all of them.  Awesome talks as well.
  • The “Upper Crust” restaurant.  And the new coffee house next to Mr. Gas in Burley (it’s nicer than it sounds).
  • Jeremy.
  • The Walmart trip Lecture requested by Aunt Bully Melissa.

Monday we headed over to Boise and had an AWESOME visit with my brother and Doug & Amy.  It was like we were all in college again playing music, staying up late, making brownies at 1am.  Except the next morning, we didn’t quite feel like college age students.  We felt like old people who were very tired.

We’re back at my parents for a quick visit before we head down to K-Falls.  This time has been awesome to see family and spend extended time with everyone.  I’m thankful for breaks like these.


~ by darthpastor on April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Idaho and Back Again”

  1. hey you , i did not requiest a lecture from u lol i just thought i was gonna get one, but for being a lecture it was quit good

  2. Glad you’ve been spending quality time with family and friends.

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