Santa Rosa…here we come!

I want to thank all of you who have expressed prayer and support for us during this transition time. We’ve really felt loved through this whole process and we’re very grateful.

As most of you know we spent some time in Santa Rosa earlier this month for an interview. I hadn’t posted much because both us and the leadership at New Day have been praying on what God would have next.

While we were in Santa Rosa, we were able to meet with the people and leadership of New Day. They were amazing people who are earnestly seeking after God. The first Saturday, I had a formal interview with the leadership board. For me, that was one of the main deciding factors because if the leadership is not united, it’s almost impossible for a church to move forward. In a meeting that most people would dread and go away from exhausted I walked out of there pumped up and excited. These men are men of God who I want to spend more time with. I couldn’t seep most of that night because my mind and heart was racing…dreaming about possibilities of the future.

We attended the first Sunday as “attenders”. I went early to see the entire set up. I helped set up the street signs and watched as the entire New Day team prepared for worship. It reminded me alot of early Spring days before we moved into the building. Most people are uncomfortable not having a building. I’m excited because I think we could do so much in that building and pretty much take it over on the weekends. It would also allow us to be more proactive than a normal “building” church because we get to meet during the week out in the community hopefully being more evangelistic.

Throughout the week we met individually with each of the board and key leaders. It was great to get to know them on a personal basis and glean from their wisdom and insight. Each of them have sincere hearts that want what is best for the church. Heather and I started to fall in love with them.

Sunday I got to give the talk.  It was fun.  Things went well.  I had great connections with the people at New Day.  It got me excited at what God has planned at New Day.

Then a week later, they gave us a call to come serve as the Lead Pastor at New Day!  We’re excited.  Right now we’re working on moving in to our new apartment.  Things are busy, there’s no internet so I’m spotty on my posts right now.  But I’m looking forward to getting started.

First day is May 16th!  Can’t wait to see what God has planned!


~ by darthpastor on April 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Santa Rosa…here we come!”

  1. I’m a little jealous of how close you’re going to be to Napa and Sonoma!

    Very exciting news Dustin, congratulations. I wish you and Heather and Judah and River all the best as you move and get settled.

  2. Awesome, Dustin; not sure who I’m more excited for, the Gallups or New Day! I’m looking forward to more reports about how God is working in Santa Rosa!

  3. This is wonderful news! God bless you and your family as you serve our great God!

    Give Heather a big hug for me!

  4. Congrats on your new position – keep the blogs coming!

  5. congrats!

  6. Blessings on your new job Dustin… and I agree with Amy… only 45 minutes to NAPA!!!

    Lucky you! : -)

  7. i might just have to swing by and visit you once I move up to concord in July…I actually have a friend at school that was doing some work over the summer for the city of Santa Rosa.

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