To Internet Or Not To Internet

So, we were thinking about ordering internet for the home. I looked into DSL and Cable. I was thinking, $20/month sounds ok and then we will be cool. Then I look into the fine print. Most companies have a 6 month deal where they give you a special discount and then up the price pretty steeply. I’m thinking, is that worth it? With Cable, they’d want you to pick up the “basic package” and eventually it’s costing $50+/month.
So we started thinking. What could I buy for $50/month? A guitar pedal…a video game…something nice for Heather…even give something to someone. Could I go without internet at home when I had it at work, the coffee shop, or even our apartment’s business center. And isn’t it nice to have a buffer zone where I don’t have to check my email at all times, where I can be “away”?
So we’re gonna pass on the internet at home for now. Of course, I have my phone internet. And we’re thinking of making the switch in the fall to iphones with even better internet capability. Then, if we want to search, we do it that way and pay about the same of what we’re paying now for mobile service.
And after we’ve made that decision, we’re not really feeling too bad. It’s freeing to say “no” to things sometimes.

PS I’m writing this on MarsEdit (thanks Mike for the reference). It allows me to write a blog while I’m offline and then post once I have an active connection.


~ by darthpastor on May 13, 2008.

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