There’s no place like Wifi

OK, I’m frustrated. I’m writing this blog via MarsEdit offline at a Starbucks because I don’t want to pay them $4 for two lousy hours of internet (even though I just bought a $4 cup of coffee). I’m not a Starbucks fan. Maybe it’s a Gen X thing but I feel it’s so consumer and mainstream. I like the indie coffee places.

I tried one nearby earlier but they didn’t have wifi. So then I went to Bad Ass Coffee but coverage is spotty there. Every time I try to hook up it kicks me out and it’s kind of slow.

I drove around trying to find places but alas, there was no place for my laptop to find a good home. So I am reduced to waiting till I get to the office to work and doing my best to fight through on a sermon with no resource for the internet.

Is there a decent wifi hotspot in Santa Rosa??? Oh yeah, I need an electrical outlet as well. My battery has been on the fritz as well. I’d love to do a bit of research on that but alas, I can’t get on the web!!!

Frustrated. Needing to get my sermon done. It will get done…today.


~ by darthpastor on June 3, 2008.

One Response to “There’s no place like Wifi”

  1. You are dead nuts on about Starbucks; atmosphere = sterile.

    However, just heard a news report this morning saying that in an effort to reign back in their rapidly fleeing consumers; er, customers, they will begin offering 2 hours free WiFi a day, if you sign up to be a starbucks member and use your starbucks card at least once a month. Might be worth asking at the counter!

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