Coffee Beans And Healthcare

I heard a statement on the radio today. They said that Starbucks spends more money on health care than coffee beans. Interesting thought. The prices of coffee are rising due because it’s expensive to pay for health insurance.

We went to pick up some prescriptions for Heather this weekend. Turns out it is cheaper to just buy them from walmart than to use our insurance from Kaiser.

And it seems like many companies are struggling with affording benefits with healthcare costs rising.

On another note I heard there were truck driver strikes in Spain due to high gas prices. Another struggle of rising prices from the fuel side.

It seems out of any industry to be apart of that has a future, it would be in health care (not the insurance side, but the actual taking care of people side). We may not always have gas but as long as there are people, they’re getting sick and will need someone to care for them. And as long as there are people, they will have a need for God as well.


~ by darthpastor on June 9, 2008.

12 Responses to “Coffee Beans And Healthcare”

  1. That is nuts. But there is an easy fix to healthcare without going socialized. Get the government and it’s regulations out of it. and let the market determine the prices. You would have lower prices because everybody would be competing to get your business plus it would be a lot better healthcare because they want your business.

  2. Wow, Evan! that’s a pretty ‘free market’ answer for a union guy…

  3. I’m not all union. and Free market is the best way to go.

  4. Free market isn’t the best way to go… it would kill all advancements learn the industry. The major problem is supply supply supply… If we really want to address the health care issues it would be to cut the cost of increasing supply…. The problem is you can’t just throw money at the issue. . . you need to throw money and set strong mandates that would govern the grants. . . Everyone is adressing the Demand by increasing because its pretty this will drive prices even higher.

  5. anytime you have healthy competition prices go down and quality goes up. The reason that supply is low is because of government regulations. Get rid of those and let the market decide what it will. Nothing just improves by giving it more money even if you have strong mandates.

  6. I’m with Evan, whenever the government gets involved in anything it screws it up. Let the free market reign!

  7. The free market can’t and wont fix healthcare. Its not in the intrest of the bottom line which is why the free market moves. If you spend the money to increase supply all it will do is cut prices. Demand is already there, also as seen with products from Phen Phen to Lipitor free market in healthcare isn’t always a good thing. What you are inviting would be one of the worst things possible that could be done. It takes serious regulations to just keep truth in the advertising and to keep products that are not safe (two-thirds of all trials) from hitting the market. If the bottom line is all that is worried about it will result in unsafe business for everyone. Consider an unregulated healthcare system that encourages smoking because it will create revenue, (that maybe extreme but… its not impossible).

    Even if you could let the free market take 10 to 15 years to fix itself you can’t let thousands die in order to fix the problem. We need doctors, more hospitals importance placed on it. I am normally a free market guy but its like abortion it would be a bad idea to fix the problem over night.

    Finally free market guys, look at what killed it go back to the period in history when monopoly ruled, union members were arrested, and a recession was a depression. Regulation limits the depth of market adjustment, protects workers, our national interests and consumers. I cannot accept that you guys would really have the free market rule as history is proving from Rome to the U.S. to China a mix of regulation and market forces are the answer. Adam Smith and Karl Marx had it wrong its not one or the other its a solid balance of both.

    Finally Health care is irrelevant if we all starve because the price of food is too high. We need to solve the energy crisis and soon. Talking to several engineers hydrogen is a no go for now so we need a solution and soon!

  8. I’d love to hear your description of the ‘energy crisis’, Mike — most folks seem up in arms over this because suddenly their gas is $4.50/gal. Is this the crisis? I keep asking myself, what is driving the price increase? Why is oil pushing $140/barrel, up over 50% in recent months? Is it that supply has been reduced? There have been the occasional disruption, as is typical historically, and there has been the collusion of the oil producing countries to restrict flow of oil (and they have every right to do it), but nothing extra-ordinary. Nothing to drive up the fuel prices. Or, has demand suddenly boomed? Sure, as 3rd world countries continue to develop they increase their use of oil; but again, this is and has been a gradual increase; nothing that would cause the drive-up in prices we have seen. So, what is it? The only answer I can see is the current rise is driven by speculators. Commodities have always been subject to these types of irrational movements; look at gold over the last 20 years. It’ll shoot up in price, fueled by people that don’t want to miss out on their chance to make a killing, and then bust; a giant pyramid scheme. The last in are the ones that get burned. So for whatever reason, oil is the ‘commodity du jour’ — and investors are tripping over themselves to buy in before missing out. When the bubble pops (as it must when there’s no concrete reason for the move), free market forces will once again help it find it’s static level, and the investors will be on to, I don’t know, say, coffee beans. The only thing we have to fear at this point is government intervention. Once they step in and start fiddling (and you know they are dying to), all bets are off. And the worst part is, the public is screaming for them to do just that. Throw into the mix an election year where candidates are desperately positioning themselves for votes by giving the people what they want, and it scares the heck out of me.

    One factor I didn’t mention that plays into the oil price rise (and also food prices), is the continued devaluation of the dollar. Oil worldwide is traded in dollars (not francs, or euros, or yen, dollars. Everywhere). So, in a glo\bal market (with a level playing field), the dollar purchases less and less, and conversely it takes more and more dollars to buy a barrel of oil. So why is the dollar so de-valued? Again, we can thank our politicians for that. A healthy, historical stock market enjoys periods of sustained growth as well as times of pullback. But in recent years we have experienced a period of sustained economic growth far outpacing anything we have experienced. Look at a chart of the Dow Jones Industrials over the last 50 years; it is (or should be) alarming! We have avoided the healthy corrections and instead maintained a steady growth curve. On the surface that seems great! But the problem is that it’s an artificail boom. In recent years the fed has become adept at manipulating interest rates in order to extend the period of growth. Unfortunately, politicians no longer have the luxury of allowing the market to balance itself; instead, inflation was “Carters fault”, recession was “Bush’s faul” — so naturally, the politicians will do what they can to avoid this (unwarranted) blame. As the fed ‘stimulates’ growth by dropping interest rates, it works on one level (business can borrow cheap money), but globally it devalues the dollar. At the end of last year this sustained growth began to grow so thin that even artificial interest rate manipulation was ineffective, and the market started a long-overdue correction process. BUT WAIT!!! This is an election year. WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!! We can still stimulate this economy. How? Send every man woman and child an economic stimulus check to jumpstart it! Say, where does this money come from? Who cares, we’re the government; we can just print more. Never mind that this will further erode the dollars value on a global scale. Whatever gets us through the election with an apparently healthy (although in actuality desperately sick) economy.

    So when you say we need a solution, and soon; I tend to agree. But my solution would be leave it alone! Becuase the more we prop it up, the bigger the bust will be when it comes.
    Sometimes we need to just step back and ask ourselves “What would Ron Paul do?”

  9. We already had a healthcare system that encouraged smoking. If it is healthy competition then it would be completely safe because no one wants to make their consumer go buy something from their competitors, so they would make quality safe stuff. And no nothing works based on an overnight decision. It always take time to make any sort of change.

    sorry Dustin for hijacking this thing.

  10. The smoking isn’t safe. The advertising and selling would be safe. In case anyone thought I was saying smoking was safe. I didn’t reread it until I had posted.

  11. OK, on the original subject about the high cost of health care, I think you have to look at the root of the problem. It is my opinion that the reason we have such high health care costs is because this country has gotten so law suit happy. Everybody expects it’s their right to have flawless medical care and to a degree this is true. The problem is that the people are out of control with their law suits, asking for millions of dollars and getting it. The malpractice insurance for physicians and hospitals is out of this world. Yes, there are situations when true malpractice has occured and a person needs the financial help to make them whole. But the price tags put on most law suits are unbelievalbe. This drives the cost of malpractice insurance out of control so they can cover all these lawsuits which drives up the cost of health care. Then you factor in that most people have an HMO these days which limits the income to hospitals an physicians. What else are they to do. Now if you go with Socialized medicine, we are doomed. Not only would the quality of physicians and hospitals drastically decrease but our taxes would have to cover cost of all those rediculous law suits!
    Just my opinion…

  12. Paul your right stop economic aid and don’t allow any more imports. Also the euro is really the only threat to the dollar otherwise it is no weaker than normal. Demand is driving oil prices 20% growth and a supply that is harder to get and refine every day… wait till we start with the shortages that will be fun… Evan I can’t disagree but the picture is always more complex than it seems. this is a very big issue to tackle but if their were a way to increase supply in relation to demand costs would be cut. . .Gennie I dont know if you know but most cost stems from protection from competion on new break through but we havent seen high health prices yet wait till we actually need to limit demand through price.

    Dustin sorry for high jacking.. . what are your thoughts so far (better site traffic)?

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