Healthcare Costs…and this is why.

OK, rising healthcare costs. I’m down at Bad Ass Coffee for my usual study time. The door opens and I think a kid is riding his Razor scooter in to get some coffee. Instead an adult with a cast wheels in on one of these…

It’s called a “Turning Leg Caddy”. And you’ve got to be kidding. $795!!! You mean to tell me you don’t want to spend a few lousy weeks on crutches and instead you’re gonna spend eight hundred bucks on a scooter!!! Unbelievable. There are people dying in Africa from Malaria, a curable disease. And we’re buying scooters for adults.


~ by darthpastor on June 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Healthcare Costs…and this is why.”

  1. plus from what I can picture. The people probably look like huge dorks. And it looks like it is easily tipped.

  2. easy to make fun of when you havent had to use one isnt it? 🙂

    i know several people that have used one of those. alot easier to get around than in a wheel chair.

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