Great Networking

Had a couple of meetings last week where I met some cool guys, both doing God’s work.

Paul Ortlinghaus is planting a church here in Santa Rosa. They’re kicking off their meeting time in the old town of Santa Rosa area this Fall. Paul grew up in the area and knows a lot about the community. They’ve been meeting in his living room and is starting to grow.

Andy VomSteeg is the lead pastor at New Vintage Church also in Santa Rosa. It was exciting to see what their community is doing. And I really appreciated hearing his story and wisdom as we talked ministry.

It’s nice to know that God is working within this area. It’s funny, in both meetings we all recognized that there are so many lost people in our area that there were needs for every church to be doing their work here.

I’m looking forward to more talks with these men of God. And I’m looking forward to meeting more of the area pastors hopefully soon.


~ by darthpastor on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Great Networking”

  1. check out what NVC is doing now…

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