Deadly Viper Character Assassins!

Picked this book up from a friend‘s recommendation. Very good book. A quick read but deep stuff in it. This is a book you give to a friend and then talk about it.
Each chapter deals with temptations we all face that can ruin our character (and ruined many lives).
It’s a little pricey but looks great as a book. Presented very well. I’m looking forward to future discussions with others about this.
When it comes to character, the authors are correct. Why do “seasoned veterans” not talk with the “rookies” about character as much?

I suppose for me, it was always, be the example and hopefully they will follow that example. But too often, that isn’t enough. I need to be more intentional about communicating character and the importance of character to others.

As of late I’ve been feeling the need to “call people up” to a higher level of commitment or living. In the past I’ve been more of the laid back (or should I say, afraid) guy who wouldn’t ask. Now I see the need to see something and jump on it while I see it instead of sit back and wait for someone else to do so.


~ by darthpastor on June 26, 2008.

One Response to “Deadly Viper Character Assassins!”

  1. wow bully dustin it sounds 2 me like ur just hopped up on coffee or something u need to relax but u need 2 call me so u can help me figure out plane arangments

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