Starbucks is Frustrating!

So I broke down and picked up a starbucks card so I could get wifi if I ever needed it at Starbucks. But I can’t get in. I’ve jumped through all the stupid hoops and it’s still not letting me in. I so don’t like Starbucks but it seems there are very few other choices around here. Aarrrrggghhh! I’m so frustrated!!!

Just make it free. Don’t try to get money off of it. I’m paying you enough for your stupid drink. Do you want me to come or not? Will I be able to get any work done today or will I be stuck trying to jump through your corporate hoops? And none of your employees know what to do either. I would expect this from a service that I didn’t pay for but not from one that expects me to pay.

This is not what I come to the coffee shop to do. My “Starbucks Experience” is not nice today.

(I’m now publishing this from a different internet provider service elsewhere). My day is much better. Got plenty done, just not with Starbucks’ help.


~ by darthpastor on June 26, 2008.

One Response to “Starbucks is Frustrating!”

  1. Oh Dustin…good job! I’m proud to hear that you still hate Starbucks. Maybe you should take a trip down here and get some It’s A Grind….how abouttttt….for my birthday? September 13th? yay! see you then!=]]

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