Olympics Coverage

I’ve been able to see a little bit of coverage from the Olympics. It’s been fun to see the competition. We don’t have cable so all we can see is the stuff on NBC.

Why, may I ask do they wait to put the stuff on till late at night and make us sit through interviews during prime time?

We have not been able to watch anything we really wanted to watch this whole Olympics because we need to work the next day. And then, Saturday night during prime time, they put the marathon on for 2 hours!!!

I mean, come on! You’ve got to be kidding me. You could have shown us a whole variety of other sports but instead you’ve got 2 hours of people running down the road.

I just turned it off. And it’s a shame that many Olympians aren’t able to get support from the public because we’re watching a “marathon” instead.

I know the reason is for advertisements. But for me, I’m not going to watch anything if it’s that late. And if I’m recording it (which I’m not), I’ll skip through the commercials anyway.

Go team USA! Come on, get with the team, team NBC!


~ by darthpastor on August 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Olympics Coverage”

  1. I know it is pretty ridiculous what they are choosing to show. I mean seriously who wants to watch a marathon. Not me.

  2. Hey guess what. They had the men’s marathon on for two hours again last night. And It was just as exciting.

  3. How much soccer have you seen? Exactly.

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