New Music

Picked up a couple of albums.  One from Lincoln Brewster and one from Cold War Kids.  I wanted to pick up Thievery Cooperation as well but didn’t have the cash.  After listening I should have only downloaded “Let Your Glory Shine” from Brewster and picked up the Thievery Cooperation. 

Cold War Kids are from Long Beach.  They’re pretty sweet.  I love an older track “Hospital Beds” on another album.  On this one, Golden Gate Jumpers is getting to me cause I just saw that documentary on suicide jumpers in San Francisco.  I don’t think I’ll ever cross that bridge without looking for people who look depressed.

OK, here’s another cool track from a guy called Sufjan Stevens.  It’s called, “For the Windows in paradise…” The name goes on but, it’s a cool sounding song.  Thanks to John and Cindy (fellow morning becomes eclectic fans and former SoCal’ers) for the good recommendation.


~ by darthpastor on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “New Music”

  1. Didn’t realize Cold War Kids were from the LBC. I only downloaded a free song from iTunes (Hang Me Up To Dry) of theirs, but it’s pretty good so that’s cool to know their from the hometown.

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