Needs of the World

I had a great conversation with Jeff Gilman, the executive director of the Redwood Gospel Mission here in Santa Rosa.  We were talking about the needs of the community.  In his opinion, the needs of the needy were the same of all the affluent in the community. 

He identified three needs he felt the church should be addressing…


We all struggle in these three areas of life.  Rich or poor.  For the latter, the struggle is just more evident.  Especially in the area of relationships because they’ve exhausted all of their relationships, that’s why they’re alone.

I’d add another need, the need for a purpose or direction, what to do with my life.

The challenge for the church is to communicate the fact that the answer to these questions can only truly be found in the person of Jesus. 

Too often the church does not communicate the answer clearly and convincingly enough.  And when it does, it’s not communicating to the people in need.


~ by darthpastor on October 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Needs of the World”

  1. Dustin, wow, two Kids. wow me too. wow but i’m 50 and he’s 2.8. send me an email address so i can update you on Cole and stuff. say hi to Heather.

  2. hey D, I agree with you all the way that those should be the needs. It seems to me that everyone is failing in those areas these days. Hope your doing well, talk to you soon.

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