Kitchen Nightmares Leadership Lessons

I love Gordan Ramsay’s Kitchen nightmares.  There’s so much leadership stuff withing that show, it’s amazing.  Heather and I have enjoyed watching it. 

We’re even watching the UK version of the show on youtube which has been awesome.  It’s a little bit more raw…they don’t beep out his language, but for some reason cussing with an english accent sounds more “proper”…maybe not.

The stuff going wrong in thre restaurants have a unique correlation to what can go wrong in churches.  Sometimes we cringe because we know we’re failing in a certain area within the church.

Last night we watched a restaurant that had taken over an old church.  The restaurant itself had been there for 30 some years and the church even longer.  But it was in danger of closing because it had not changed with the times. 

Gordon made a comment as he was standing outside the restaurant explaining that the restaurant was in danger.  I saw the stained glass in the background and thought, “What if that church had decided to change instead of dying?  Perhaps it would have still be alive and flourishing today.

And then the owner of the restaurant was too afraid and prideful to make the changes putting the restaurant in more danger.

What am I refusing to try that is new in the efforts to change so that God’s kingdom flourishes?

I know what it is for me…Now I need to overcome my fear/pride and do it.  Because I think God’s knocking on the door.


~ by darthpastor on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “Kitchen Nightmares Leadership Lessons”

  1. That’s a great post! I see way too many churches not moving into all God has for them, becasue they feel like”hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix ti”. I really feel like God is moving many to re-think the Church. God Guide us in your understanding and our efforts to Glorify The Body of Christ.

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