40 Days of Prayer

The past 6 weeks at New Day we’ve been going through a series called 40 days of Prayer.  We have committed as a church to pray for God’s will in our lives, our church, and our community.

I have to tell you that over the past few weeks I have seen God work in all three of those areas in crazy ways.  At one point I will jot down some stories. 

Last week was one of the most fun weeks we’ve had since I’ve been here.  We had an awesome guest band and everything seemed to flow perfectly (thanks to God).  On top of that we had a Family leadership training meeting that was awesome. 

I was honestly thinking that coming off of that Sunday, it would be a hard “rebound”.  But as I’m praying up for this weekend, I’m even more excited to see what God shows us tomorrow. 

That’s what’s so cool about when it’s God running things.  He always brings it.  And He always raises the level when you thought the bar was already set so high.


~ by darthpastor on May 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “40 Days of Prayer”

  1. Amen, brothah!! Hey y’all! We miss you down here in the sweltering heat, (betchya miss that, eh?!) You & Heather look the same and beautiful~ would love to be back in touch, tho’ ours might be sporatic. (Still not on this thing much, but finding it easier than the old fashioned way). We love you guys!!! Give each other big hugs from us…esp. Judah & River! Special one to Heather from me!!
    Tunza love in Jesus,
    Noel & all Bjeldes

    • We miss you guys too. You guys should swing over here on your way to visit you’re ole home up here. It would be great to see you guys.

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