The exercise of writing

John Chandler’s new experiment here at 501 Words has piqued my interest.  The challenge is to write a little bit everyday.  I’ve been attracted to the idea of writing more and more and realize that it is an exercise that must be conditioned and worked in order to improve and become more effective.

John’s challenge is to write each day.  I’m going to try to modify his challenge to challenge myself to write on a consistent basis.  This is not necessarily meant for those reading this blog, but more for me to improve my skills in writing.

I realize that I have not kept this blog updated often.  Reasons could be, not anything to say, too busy, too much to say, or just getting distracted with distractions.  But, I’m going to commit to trying to write at least once a week.  (I know John, that’s weak compared to everyday).  But it’s a start and I hope to be able to, through the practice and exercise, increase my communication skills.

So today’s word is “Mexico”. Write something about Mexico…

I’ve been to Mexico quite a few times.  Mostly on mission trips.  I honestly believe it has changed my life and I wish I could make those trips more often.  Meeting people of other cultures, seeing how they live, and seeing how they interact with God totally intrigues me.

One thing that strikes me whenever I take a trip to another country is the difference in economics.  I am often reminded too much of how much I have been blessed financially by living in America.  Yet, I’m also reminded about how much I waste, how much I selfishly spend on myself, and how much I mistakingly try to find happiness and fulfillment in possessions instead of God.

I have met so many people who live on a minuscule fraction of what I live on and they are happy, fulfilled, content in who they are in Christ.  And they don’t have a computer, iphone, a house, clean water, medicine, savings, or even food for tomorrow.  They truly rely on God for their life support.  And they find joy in life without the distractions.  Sure they experience struggles and obstacles in life.  But their way of life is more simple.

I love going to Mexico in November, mostly before Christmas time.  It’s always a reminder to be thankful for what I have and to.  It reminds me to just clear my Christmas list and take my head out of the “consumerism” cloud and be content with who I am in Christ.

My son is in a Spanish Immersion class.  He is learning Spanish pretty quickly and fluently.  I wish I had that education when I was younger.  I need to get back into Spanish classes and use it more.  I have a heart for Latin America.  I’m looking forward to getting down south soon sometime.

It will be interesting our world moving to a more global culture.  I wonder what language we will be speaking in a hundred years.  Spanish is fluent in Latin America, but hasn’t really took too much partly because of the economic power of USA.  Chinese will soon come in to play a bit more.

So those are off topic but my word count is above 500 so I need to get back to my real writing project for the day, writing my Mother’s Day talk.  I struggle with these holiday talks.  I don’t know why.  It’s easier to do a regular everyday talk than a holiday like Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Easter.  This year we have even more Sunday holidays…Valentines Day, 4th of July, and Halloween.  Fun.


~ by darthpastor on May 5, 2010.

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