Free Writing: 501 words: Imagination

OK, I know I haven’t been writing every week.  Life gets busy.  I know…excuses.  Ok, enough penance.  I’m tired and I’m at a block so I’m going to start writing and see how it goes.

Today’s word is Imagination…

What an awesome thing God has created within us, that of imagination.  The ability to think outside the box and dream of something different, something new, something out of the normal.

It can range from music, art, ideas, story, technology.  I think of the so many things that inspire imagination.  My son has a huge, and I mean HUGE imagination.  He is dreaming up new characters, monsters, inventions, stories, video games every day.  I love that in him.  Sometime it’s so huge, it’s hard for him to communicate what he’s thinking.  I feel that.  I’ve had so many conversations with others on my team where they say the picture in my head is so big, but we’re only human so we can’t fully pull it off.  How frustrating is that to not be able to create exactly what we think about.

Creation must have been fun for God.  I mean, he’s smart and has the power to just speak things into existence.  And not just the things, but the systems to sustain them.  I mean, I’d love to be able to just say “fish” and it show up.  But the science behind fish and how they live and how they breath and what they need in their environment to life healthy, reproductive lives (a bunch of our saltwater fish just died the other day…the starfish was so cool and I was sad to see him go.)  It’s hard to just keep a pet alive, yet something like a universe.

That’s the joy about imagination.  You can just think it up and it appears in our complex mind somewhere.  And then other things will keep building off of it.  It’s too bad we have to figure out a language to communicate the brainstorm within our brain in order to effectively contribute to life.  But when we discover that language, whatever it may be to make our imagination come to life, it can be real cool. Not only the language, but the work to make it happen is another barrier between our imagination and reality.

But the question could arise, what good is bringing what we imagine into reality?  The answer would be so others could enjoy it and not just ourselves.  Say, you dream up an idea that would cure others of a disease.  Sure, the thought is nice (they say the thought counts), but to a person suffering from a sickness or disease, the thought is nothing.  The reality of a cure is what matters.  So I would suggest that imagination has to be paired up with the right tools to make imagination reality.  Michalangelo and his paint brushes.  Edge with his guitar and effects.  The writer with their words and the ability to write them on paper.  The pastor and the words/lifestyle to be able to lead another person to discover the unseen God that loves them so much.  Difficult, yet it can be done.  525 words…time to get back to writing my talk.


~ by darthpastor on June 2, 2010.

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