Pedalboard Wish List

OK, here’s a tentative setup of my “wish list pedalboard”.  I don’t have all these pedals yet.  And I don’t know if they are the exact ones I would keep.  Want to try to spend some time with them before I get them.

So in order (I think, tell me what order you’d put it in.

1. Pedalboard Patch Pedal from Loop Master: an easy place to plug in the amp and the guitar every time. (I want to pick that up along with the tap tempo someday).

2. TC Electronic’s Polytune: (the next pedal I’m planning on buying).  Same price as other solid tuners, but it’s POLY (watch the video for that).  Plus true bypass, and looks pretty sweet as a pedal.  I was able to snag the iPhone Polytuner when they were giving it away for free and I love it.  I use it on my acoustics all the time.  

3. Visual Sound’s Route 66: (I would get the v2).  Compression and overdrive/distortion.  Friend of mine from SF recommended it to me.  I’ve only heard good things from Visual Sound and the Route 66.  This is prolly my next pedal to buy after the Polytuner.

4. Bad Bob Volume Booster: This was the first pedal given to me.  I didn’t use it for a while and decided to try to plug it into my line.  It’s just a volume booster but makes my Blues Jr. Sound amazing because it pushes the tubes to a sweet overdrive.  True bypass and sounding great.

5. Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive: Good pedal I have now.  Gives great tones (especially with the high and low trim instead of just a tone).  If the Route 66 does better, it will become a gift.  Great starter pedal though and good price for the sound.  I think I would set it up to either be a real harsh overdrive sounds for the “over the top” sound or a smooth “bluesy” sound.

6. POG2: Why do I always like the expensive pedals?  This one’s on my wish list but it’s high on that list.  It makes some pretty awesome organ sounds, and Jack White stuff as well.  Beefy when you bring in the lower octaves.  I’ve played with other octave pedals and this one will blow them all away. Just click on the link and watch the video, it’s pretty awesome!

7. Digetech’s DD-20.  I love having this pedal.  I can get U2’s delay sound to a soothing synth sound, one of my channels even gives a sweet Chorus sound.  That’s on top of regular cool delays.  The DD-20 is a solid workhorse.  

7&8tt. This is a Dual Tap Tempo from Loop Master: It will take two sources for tap tempo and it’s so smaller than my Boss Tap Tempo Pedal.  This is one I’ll pick up with the patch pedal when I’m ready.

8. Voodoo Lab’s Wahzoo: This is one I’m debating on.  I’ve been wanting some sort of phaser effect and this will give one with a Wah as well.  It’s true bypass which is good cause I hear most wah’s are loud.  It also has an external tap tempo plug in that we can put into the Dual tap tempo.  Once again, I’m kicking myself because it’s expensive, but that’s what a Wish List is for.  Oh yeah, VooDoo Lab is based out of Santa Rosa here.  I stopped by their place once and they didn’t seem set up for the public.  It’s more of a build and then send to a guitar shop kind of thing.  Another thing, I can’t figure out where I would put this.  In front or at the end or somewhere in the middle.

9. Back to the Patch.  Then the cable from the amp goes from there.

So that’s a dream one for now.  I’d love to hear (and see) other ideas and what cool sounds others enjoy from their set up.


~ by darthpastor on August 9, 2010.

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